A brief history

The department of Radiology and Radiotherapy was founded in 1957 thanks to the efforts MD, Associate Professor A.Burcalov, a graduate of MaritimeMilitaryMedicalAcademy in Leningrad (1947). Later on PhD, Professor I.Vozniuc (1963-1969), MD, Associate Professor Victor Volneanschi (1969-1986, 2000-2005), MD, Associate Professor Sergei Matcovski (1986-1999), PhD, Professor Basil Bairac (2006-2008) headed the department.

PhD, Professor Natalia Rotaru has been heading the department since 2008.

MD Valentina Antoceanu, MD Taisia Diubin, MD I.Dionidis, MD I.Jalbă, MD A.Nagacevschi, MD L.Rozneriţa have worked successfully for years at the department of Radiology. Currently, there are 2 PhDs of medicine and 9 doctors in medicine who are teaching at the department.

The implementation of new methods of investigation (ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging) determined the change of the name in the Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging.

Radiology is currently taught the III-year students of the faculties of medicine, stomatology and public health. Radiology and Medical Imaging is taught VI-year students of the medical faculty in Romanian, Russian, English and French. The department trains residents in Radiology and Imaging and continuing training course is organized for radiologists. One of the achievements of international cooperation is training residents from India, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Sudan and other countries.

Scientific researches conducted lately at the department are oriented to optimize the application of imaging methods of investigation in various fields: breast pathology, urology, gastro-enterology, hepatogy and abdominal surgery, emergency care, neurology and neurosurgery, cardiology, pediatrics and others, integrating traditional and contemporary radiological modalities (CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound).

The team of the department participates in the organization of scientific conferences. In the last 15 years thematic annual conferences and three Congresses of Medical Imaging were held with the participation of international colleagues.